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Lawrence Asphalt Company has been the #1 asphalt company in Lawrence for over 20 years. With our passion for serving Lawrence Kansas and skill for asphalt, we have grown to your satisfaction. Lawrence Asphalt company does it all from Asphalt Installation, Asphalt Repair, Chip Sealing, Line Striping and Asphalt Maintenance.

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    Lawrence Asphalt, Lawrence Asphalt Company, Lawrence Asphalt Sealcoating
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    Asphalt Installation

    Asphalt is a concrete mixture poured in pavements and roads. It’s the raw material of any driveway, Street or pathway. When mixed with aggregate particles, asphalt glues or blends the mix to form concrete. It’s this concrete that lays the foundation for Roads, Driveways and other pathways. Once the concrete is ready, it’s installed in the desired area. It is extremely important to make use a professional and experienced contractor like Lawrence Asphalt Company to handle all your asphalt installation needs. 

    Asphalt Repair

    So you’re prowling for an asphalt repair service! Perhaps, your local road or driveway have sustained immense damages after torrential rains. Maybe, the asphalt has come off over time. Regardless of the reason, fixing the problem early is highly advised. If you delay the repairs, you’ll repent later. The problem will worsen and you may have to make a quick replacement. However, you can keep potential problems at bay by turning to Lawrence Asphalt Company. A reputed service will fix the problem and let you enjoy your Asphalt efficiently.

    Asphalt Milling

    Asphalt milling can also be termed as cold planing, pavement milling, profiling, or cold plating. Pavement milling is the process through which a section of a paved, such as bridge, road, and parking lot, is removed. The main objective of asphalt milling is to grind up an asphalt surface in order to provide an even and smooth surface for restoration and repaving. Asphalt milling is a daunting task, especially if you lack the necessary skills. Therefore, it’s a great idea to hire a professional Lawrence Asphalt Company. These professionals have in-depth training in this field. 

    Asphalt Sealcoating

    The following explanation landscape specialists prescribe asphalt sealcoating is to decrease compound harm. This is conceivable because the asphalt sealcoating fills surface voids, diminishing the introduction to oxygen and UV beams and lessening the profundity to which oil or gas can infiltrate the asphalt. Likewise, the sealant can forestall oxidation and disintegration of the surface course and supplant fine particles that are lost from the asphalt surface because of oxidation on more established walkways. 

    Asphalt Overlay

    Asphalt overlay pertains to the method of putting a new layer of asphalt on a concrete or asphalt pavement. This method is a lot cheaper and faster than making a new concrete or asphalt pavement again. Overlaying asphalt is useful repairing for moderately sized holes and cracks on a pavement’s surface. This is the best option if your pavement isn’t very damaged. It allows you to salvage the pavement entirely by covering it with a new layer to become durable and strong again. for more information call Lawrence Asphalt Company today. 

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    Customer Reviews

    "Best Asphalt Company in Lawrence for the last 15 years.

    Lawrence Asphalt company is amazing. These guys are very professional and do amazing work. Thanks again!
    Lawrence Asphalt, Lawrence Asphalt Company, Lawrence Asphalt Sealcoating
    Don D.
    Lawrence, KS
    We had our parking lot done by Lawrence Asphalt Company and we were extremely happy with the new parking lot. Wonderful work, Wonderful Experience.
    Lawrence Asphalt, Lawrence Asphalt Company, Lawrence Asphalt Sealcoating
    Doug S.
    Lawrence, KS
    My husband had multiple companies come look at our lot and Phil and his team with Lawrence Asphalt gave us a fair cost and walked us through the entire process. We highly recommend them.
    Lawrence Asphalt, Lawrence Asphalt Company, Lawrence Asphalt Sealcoating
    Sarah K.
    Lawrence, KS

    Our Promise To You

    Lawrence Asphalt Company is the official Asphalt Company of Lawrence, KS. We have been doing asphalt for over 20 years and we understate that every job is different and so is every customer. So we warranty all of our work and guarantee each customer will be 100% satisfied with all of our asphalt services. For more details on our asphalt warranty work call our office today. 

    Lawrence Asphalt, Lawrence Asphalt Company, Lawrence Asphalt Sealcoating
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