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Here in Lawrence Asphalt Company, we take asphalt overlay to the next level. We ensure that this is done in a safe, time-efficient, and cost-effective manner. Overlaying asphalt is no easy task. If a company that does this is not experienced, costly errors are bound to happen.

Therefore, you need to choose a company with employees that are experts in asphalt overlay. Lawrence Asphalt Company has the right workmen for this type of job. But before we tell you what set’s us apart from the rest, allow us to give you useful information about what asphalt overlay is.

Lawrence Asphalt Company’s Guide

What Is Asphalt Overlay?

This method is used for quickly repairing old parking lots, pathways, driveways, roads, etc, If you don’t have time or budget to make a new pavement, an asphalt overlay is your next logical choice.

When Do You Need This Service?

You need to overlay asphalt on your pavement when holes (usually 17-18 inches wide) and cracks start to appear on your pavement. The appearance of holes and cracks is inevitable because the pavement deteriorates as time goes by due to rain, sunlight, and snow. If you don’t repair this immediately, they become large and deep. This results in the unusable pavement.

You might also need this service when your pavement is too thin. Asphalt overlay might be used to thicken thin pavements and elevate them a bit. This is particularly useful if your house’s pathway or driveway is very shallow. A garage with a shallow driveway is troublesome because you’ll find it hard to park.

Finally, there are also others who get asphalt pavement to improve the look of their homes. Concrete pathways that are covered with a layer of asphalt look very neat. Aside from this, they’re safe to walk at because they don’t get slippery when wet.

What Are The Advantages of Asphalt Overlay?

1. Quickly Done

Asphalt overlay is done quickly. Of course, this might take longer if the area that’s about to be covered is large. However, this method is much quicker than making a new pavement. Therefore, this service is what you need if you’re planning to have a quick repair of your pavement.

2. Cheaper than Repavement

This method is much cheaper than repavement. On average, repavement costs from $7 to $13 per square foot. In contrast, asphalt overlay has an average cost of $3 up to $7. Going with these figures, it is twice cheaper than repavement.

3. Provides a Smooth and Non Slippery Surface

Overlaying concrete pavements with asphalt makes them smooth and nonslippery. This makes it safer for you to park your car in the garage or at the front of your house. Aside from this, it prevents people from slipping on your house’s pavement.

Asphalt Overlay and Lawrence Asphalt Company

What Makes Our Asphalt Overlay Different?

Here in Lawrence Asphalt Company, we use premium grade asphalt. We made this out of the best materials using the most sophisticated formulation in the industry. As a result, the asphalt that we use dries quicker than those that our competitors use. This results in a smoother and neater-looking pavement. 

Our premium asphalt is more durable than the conventional asphalt that others use. We aim to give our clients asphalt pavements that last an average of 15 years or even more. Lawrence Asphalt Company’s overlay service is one that is durable against the elements and will last for the years to come. 

Also, we only use top-grade machines for overlaying asphalt. We strive to give clients a hassle-free experience with our services. Therefore, a sudden breakdown of equipment is taboo for us. We take pride in our asphalt overlay service as effective and time-efficient. 

What To Expect From Our Asphalt Overlay Service?

1. Hassle-Free

We keep our overlay machines in their best conditions. This allows us to give time-efficient service to our clients. With us, you may expect to get asphalt overlay done without breakdowns and pesky work disturbances. 

2. Error Free 

Our technicians know how to overlay asphalt perfectly. They employ various overlaying techniques based on the type, thickness, and area of the original pavement. Also, they’re trained to listen to your needs. Therefore, they’re more than happy to know your requests. 


Before getting things started, we first inspect that damaged pavement that you’re asking us to overlay with asphalt. We look at its area, its damage, and its construction. Doing this allows us to avoid future costly mistakes. It also helps us determine whether asphalt overlay will do. There are times when our clients ask us to overlay their old pavement with asphalt, but we advise them to do repavement because it’s very damaged. 

How Long Does It Take For Us To Do Asphalt Overlay?

The duration of our work depends on how big the project is. For smaller areas, overlaying asphalt may be finished in 1 or 2 days. For medium projects, it may take 1 week or 2 weeks for us to get things done. Lastly, large projects may take up to 3 weeks or a month before finished. 

How Much Does Our Asphalt Overlay Cost?

We strive to make this service affordable for people with various levels of income. Therefore, we might offer this service cheaper compared to our competitors. There are asphalt companies that are very expensive but don’t yield good results. Also, you might have to spend more than what was agreed if you choose to work with them. 

We can’t give you the exact figures because the prize of asphalt overlay depends on the size of the project. If you have inquiries, feel free to send an email or call us. Don’t hesitate! we’re more than happy to answer the questions of our prospective clients. 

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